100 1220
Production information

Industrial AutomatonTemplate:Ref

Product line



LOM-series protocol droidTemplate:Ref


Protocol droid (modified)Template:Ref

Technical specifications

1.6 metersTemplate:Ref


Masculine programmingTemplate:Ref

Sensor color


Chronological and political information

affiliation=*Hutt CartelTemplate:Ref

4-LOM was a protocol droid who was a bounty hunter.

Employmee of AlokemEdit

He had been traveling the galaxy, when he was searching the planet of Bozekane for signs of life. He stumbled across the palace of the Bozekanian crimelord Alokem. The other bounty hunters were amazed by the droid that he was to work for them and help build the Alokem Empire. His first assignment was to search for a Wookiee named Kollaca who had stolen some valuable spices. The search took a long time, but in the year 9 BBY the search was over. 4-LOM returned with Kollaca and the last of the spices. Alokem ordered that the droid should execute the Wookiee in front of his court members. However, fellow bounty hunter Roodala refused by killing Alokem with a thermal detonator. 4-LOM and Alokem's majordomo Tigit made it out alive. The two plus rescued fellow guard Indibal who was being attacked by Roodala, her father Wuher, Kollaca, and the Ithorian Momaw Nadon. The three made it out of the palace alive and tracked their four enemies to Kashyyyk. The bounty hunter Sckarr and his Trandoshanforces failed to capture the enemy though.


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