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"My dad forgot one thing: I am actually his second-in-command."
―Ben Yoakido in the attempt to save his father[src]

Ben Yoakido was a Correlia born Human Male who was born the son of General Michael Yoakido and Elizabeth Yoakido in 47 BBY. Althought Elizabeth passed away during her son's birth, Michael went on to raise young Ben and take him on journeys throughout the galaxy. On one adventure on Dantooine is when Ben had met his future friend, Brent Rhea, who was living life on his own after the mysterious assassination of his parents.

In 33 BBY, Ben was present aboard his father's ship, The Finest Hour, along with Brent when two criminals attacked the ship. Michael went after the criminals, despite his son's opinion. The entire crew, except Ben and Brent, had been killed by the criminals, Skelldon J. Bones of the Skelldon J. Bones Crime Organization and IG-86. The two fled to Nar Shaddaa in an escape pod, but were unaware that because Skelldon had failed his master, Darth Wraddiqus, IG-86 was tracking the boys to Nar Shaddaa and prepared to capture them.

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