Berooken Bareesh
Biographical information



c. 3,000 BBY, Hutta

Physical description



Hermaphrodite (masculine personality)

Hair color


Chronological and political information

Berooken Bareesh, or Berooken the Hutt, was a Hutt of the Bareesh clan. He was one of the ruling members on the Hutt Grand Council, along with Arok, Arruba the Younger, Kolluga, and Grubo until he was replaced by Issulla the Elder. Legend has it that he was force-sensitive.


Around 3,000 BBY, Berooken was born on Hutta into the Bareesh clan. At some unknown date, Berooken became the head of the Bareesh kajidic, which later earned him a position on the Clans of the Ancients.

Around 21 BBY, Berooken retired and was one of the last known Hutts to represent the Bareesh clan on the Hutt Council. Instead of having another Bareesh be on the Council, a Desilijic named Issulla the Elder represented the Desilijic clan on the Council.

Around 20 BBY, Issulla had Berooken become her representative when she wasn't at Council meetings. Berooken was present when the Death Watch had attacked the Council. The confrontation resulted in Issulla's death, forcing the Council to join the Shadow Collective.


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