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"I will not understand your choices. You are free to make any choices. Just remember that you must remember to make the right choices in addititon with the choices you make."
―General Michael Yoakido to Brent Rhea[src]

Brent Rhea was a Human Male born on Dantooine in 47 BBY. He was the son of Republic Senators Brandon and Martha Rhea. However, in 41 BBY Brandon and Martha were both assassinated by Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray's new Battle droids because Brandon thought that a droid army wasn't fit for the Republic. The reports informed the Senate that Pa'lowick senators were behind the assassination. Brent had fled back to his family palace on Dantooine before he was killed.

Sometime later, Brent had met two visitors known as famed general of the Republic, Michael Yoakido and his son, Ben Yoakido. Brent had joined the two on various missions throughout the galaxy.

In 33 BBY, the attack aboard the general's ship, The Finest Hour, had begun resulting in the death of Ben's father and the entire crew, save Ben and Brent who fled to Nar Shaddaa in an escape pod. While Skelldon was later punished by his Sith accomplise, Darth Wraddiqus, IG-86 prepared a trap to capture the two on the planet.

Appearances Edit

Ben and Brent's Journey Across the Galaxy (First appearance)

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