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Heroes Club

Heroes Club was a photonovel series that aired September 15, 2008. Even though the first episode was delayed on September 14, 2008 due to technical difficulties. It was inspired by User:Commando Danny's series Star Wars: AFC - Action Figure Club. This was a weekly comic series that aired comics Sunday-Friday giving time for new comics to be made every Saturday. They where meant to be funny and enjoyable by everyone.


The series was meant to give jokes about the Star Wars universe and products of Star Wars. The reccuring cast consisted of Darth Tater, Boba Fett, Momaw Nadon, Hoth Trooper, and Blue Snaggletooth. Each season featured 30 sketches and was 1-10 pictures long. At the end of each season just like Commando Danny, there was a big comic movie.


Secondary CharactersEdit

List of ComicsEdit

Season 1: February 6, 2009-August 18, 2009Edit

Season 1 MovieEdit

Season 2: September 25, 2009-January 10, 2010Edit

Season 2 MovieEdit

Season 3: July 27, 2010-?Edit

Season 3 MovieEdit

  • TBA

Delay ProblemsEdit

Due to technical difficulties on Heroes Club was delayed. On February 6, 2009 the first comic was finally posted on

Cast (So Far)Edit

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