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Star Wars: TK-421: A Stormtroopers Story is a Photo Novel by Rebelscum user Jedi_Master_CPS about the life and times of the Imperial Stormtrooper; TK-421. TK-421 is currently up to Episode II. How long this series will continue for has not yet been confirmed.


The protagonist; TK-421

Influences on TK-421: A Stormtroopers' StoryEdit

The idea of the story revolving around a Stormtrooper was inspired by 'Trooper', a comic story that appeared in Star Wars Tales 10 and was collected in Star Wars Tales Volume 3.

Many of the key themes and the general dark feel to TK-421 was enthused by Star Wars writer, George Lucas's first feature film 'THX-1138'. There are many references to THX throughout the Photo Novel, most Notably, the protagonists "name", and that of Tex. Also the opening sequence is a subtle reference to the beginning of THX-1138.

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